As a winner of this year’s TTG China Travel Awards, you or your organisation may wish to issue a press release on your victory. If you or your organisation would like to do so, please follow the publicity guidelines below.

This year’s honour roll includes 27 new, 28 defending and 6 returning winners – a reflection of the intense and rising competition among the region’s players for experience and service excellence.

Correct Terminology

Please only refer to the Awards as the 10th Annual TTG China Travel Awards 2017 or the TTG China Travel Awards.

Avoid Exaggeration

Avoid exaggerating or stretching the truth when describing the award.


State the title of the award that you have won.

Logo Usage

Feel free to use the official TTG China Travel Awards 2017 logo available here in your news releases relating to your win in the 10th Annual TTG China Travel Awards 2017.
The TTG China Travel Awards 2017 logo must only be resized proportionately.
Should you require assistance for the logo, please contact

Website Guidelines

The above guidelines apply to all information posted on your external and internal website.